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7 Bollywood Horror Movies That Are At Par With Hollywood Films

7 Bollywood Horror Movies That Are At Par With Hollywood Films

Apart from these new releases, check out the list of 7 Bollywood horror movies that are as scary as anything that Hollywood has to offer.

1. Tumbbad

There was an ongoing debate on whether to send Tumbbad for Oscars or not. The film is scary and original as the protagonist searches a treasure. You haven’t seen anything like this ever in Bollywood.

The direction and cinematography are very different and amazing. There are many jumpscares in the movie, the background score of the movie deserves a special mention, and the concept of the movie diving deeper into the human psyche.

2. Haunted 3d

Haunted 3d is India’s first 3D horror film. The movie has amazing background scores and soulful songs. The story of the movie is designed in a way so that it connects deeper to the sentiments of the Indian audience.

The protagonist spends some time in the haunted house before selling it, and he finds out the former owner of the house got physically abused and her soul is still trapped by the person who abused her. Now, he has to save the dead girl. Sounds amazing!

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