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Bollywood Characters Who Took Betrayals To Another Level

Bollywood Characters Who Took Betrayals To Another Level

Twists and turns are the essences of a suspense film, and more often than not, someone whom you do not suspect is the culprit, turns out to be one. These betrayals make for fun viewing, and if they are truly unpredictable, leave the audience shocked and feel like Itna bada dhoka? Well, today we have gathered a mind-blowing list of movies that depicted the most epic betrayals on the screen that is responsible for our trust issues not only in love but life but in general as well. Let’s have a look :

Sidharth Malhotra – Ittefaq

Now, this was a mind twister!! This movie was full of suspense and mystery and various perceptions are shot in the movie as to what have might happen at the night. And when all the things start to fall at its place, it truly blows off the mind to discover that Sidharth was the real villain!! The film ends with the scene where Dev (Akshaye Khanna) calls Vikram(Sidharth Malhotra) while the latter is about to catch a flight back to London. On the phone, Vikram confesses to having killed Katherine and Shekhar and reveled that he killed Katherine because she was threatening to charge him for the suicide of Sandhya.

Simi Garewal – Karz

This movie was well known for its good music. Simi Garewal was the most hated protagonist in the film probably because she played the role of gold digger evil wife who allegedly murdered the innocent and rich man who was deeply in love with her and not a subtle and fast death but rather a very harsh one.

Kareena Kapoor Khan – Fida

A teenage cute love story which turns ugly when Shahid Kapoor saw Kareena Kapoor walk out of the shower with Fardeen Khan. This is what heartbreak looks like !!

Shah Rukh Khan – Baazigar

Okay, this one is something beyond logic and makes us wonder why did he have to throw Shilpa Shetty off the terrace to seek revenge from her father? Well, a lesson to remember for life, never steps into the terrace with a guy. It’s truly disheartening to see the one you love madly became the one to take your life.

Bipasha Basu – Ajnabee

“Everything was planned”- the main concept which the film follows!! It’s quite interesting to see how cunningly Bipasha Basu (pun intended) planned out everything and we thought Akshay Kumar killed her and Bobby Deol was framed but what do you know?

Kirti Kulhari – Blackmail 

Blackmail depicts the life of a married man in his late 30s stuck in a full day-time job and unexciting life but things turn sour after he finds that his wife is having an extramarital affair. One day, to surprise his wife Reena Kaushal (Kirti Kulhari) he arrives early from office with roses but instead finds his wife in bed with another man named Ranjit “Tommy” Arora (Arunoday Singh). He imagines different scenarios, like killing the lover, then killing the wife, but leaves and decides to blackmail them.

Naseeruddin Shah– Sarfarosh

Naseeruddin Shah’s character, Gulfam was a terrorist who disguised as a ghazal singer, yes, a ghazal singer. ACP Rathore felt so betrayed by his friend and we wanted to punch him from the seat.

Kabir Bedi – Khoon Bhari Maang

Kabir’s character in the movie is initially of the one who could easily make you fall for him !! The ideal man whose dark side is eventually discovered as the film progresses. Probably he is the reason why one should never trust a tall and handsome man with light brown eyes. He teamed up with Rekha’s best friend to kill Rekha for her money by throwing her into a lake filled with crocodiles. How evil!!!

Kajol – Dilwale

You know a boy truly and madly loves you if he is ready to spend each bit of life with you and even utilizes that 5-minute so efficiently planning for a long remembering date. But betrayal comes when Kajol slowly walks towards Shah Rukh and points a gun at him. We were so sad to see a heartbroken Shah Rukh injured in an upside-down car.

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