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Heard This? Hoax Bomb Caller At Rajinikanth’s House Turns Out To Be A Class 8 Student

Heard this? Hoax bomb caller at Rajinikanth’s house turns out to be a class 8 student

On Thursday, an unidentified person had issued a bomb threat to megastar Rajinikanth. Reportedly the unidentified person called Chennai police and said that a bomb has been planted in Rajinikanth’s residence in Poes Garden.

Chennai Police had conducted a search operation at the veteran actor’s residence. As per the latest report in The Times of India, the hoax caller has turned out to be a Class VIII student with a learning disability.

Chennai Police had conducted a search operation with the help of sniffer dogs and bomb detectors at the veteran actor’s residence. Police were able to trace the unidentified caller and it turned out to be a class VIII student from Cuddalore village.

The same report state that the megastar’s family refused to let the search operation team into their house owing to the Coronavirus scare. However, post search the team could verify that the bomb threat was nothing but a hoax call.

The class VIII student was let off by the investigating team after checking his medical history. The student suffers from learning disability and his father released a video asking the actor to forgive his son.

Interestingly, this was not the first time when bomb threats have been issues to Rajinikanth. Previously too several such anonymous calls have been made and each time it has turned out to be a hoax.

Thankfully the veteran actor and his family are safe now and it’s all that matters.

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