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10 Indian Places With Very Funny Names

10 Indian Places With Very Funny Names

India is a vast nation with a huge population. Different people with different cultures reside in different parts of the country. Consequently, it’s quite obvious that every community and place won’t be the same and there’ll always be some strange doohickeys surrounding the nation. In this article, we’ll talk about 10 Indian cities with extremely strange titles.

Bhosari, Maharashtra

Bhosari is a famous purlieu of Pune, which is famous for its contribution towards sports like Kabaddi & Wrestling. Besides being the city’s suburb, the town is also famous for its amusing name. What makes it even funnier is the question that what will be the name of the people who live in the city? *wink wink*

Bhainsa, Telangana

The city of Bhainsa lies near the Telangana-Maharashtra border. Being popular for its hilarious name, the town is co-incidentally located on the banks of a river and its neighboring district is Pathri. I mean we aren’t hinting towards anything, or are we? Connect the dots, eh!

Chutia, Assam

The Chutia village is located in the Sivsagar district of Assam. The residents of the township are known as Chutia People and the community consists of around 4k people. In short, according to the Census of 2011, there are around 4 thousand Chutia people in India but in reality, the number increases by leaps and bounds if you look at it from some other perspective. *ahem ahem*

Daru, Jharkhand

Daru is a subdivision of Hazaribagh, which is one of the most developed towns of Jharkhand. Howbeit, the suburb attracts more attention for its infamous name. Ironically it lies near Bihar, where, the name of the city itself is fully banned. Free Tip for the government: In order to make the town more famous, the state’s government can actually offer free alcohol as it’ll not only promote their name but also attract more and more tourists. *ehehe*

Panauti, Uttar Pradesh

I often thought I was really unlucky but all of it changed after I heard the name of this town which lies in Northern UP. Wonder how it would feel like to start and end your day in Panauti. Anyways, the biggest question should be who has given a name to this city? Or wait! Is it Jethalal who has named it after Sundar?

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