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7 Tricks Bollywood Celebrities Use To Create Hype For Their Movies Before The Release

7 Tricks Bollywood Celebrities Use To Create Hype For Their Movies Before The Release

Today’s world of social media, making viral content is the aim to catch most of the attention from the audience and that includes Bollywood films as well. Getting attention is not easy especially when it comes to releasing a movie. Filmmakers put innovative ideas to market a film before hitting it on theatre. Sometimes the audience is already interested in the upcoming film that the marketing team of the production left nothing to do much to convince them.

A successful movie contains several elements to win the heart of the viewers, that includes the movie cast, plot, direction, songs, visual presentation etc. A movie teaser and trailer play an important role to grab the attention of the audience from the first place. In the case of Bollywood movies, songs and dance numbers also ensure the attention of fans and followers.

To create the interest of the audience for a new film, filmmakers often focus promotional part while the content is weak. Making a dhamaka dance number, catchy song and tricky presentation of movie trailer are all part of this promotional activity to get the highest attention from the different social platform. The success of film production also depends on how it sold to the audience.

Today we will share 7 clever ideas of the filmmakers to market a movie before releasing on the theatre to make it viral on the social platform and secure the maximum interest of the audience.

#1 A trailer to catch millions:

The object of movie promotion is to engage the audience of the upcoming film until its release. Releasing first look, motion poster, teaser, trailer, dialogue teaser and songs are all part of this promotional activity over the internet.

#2 Budget for groovy music and dance number:

Bollywood always gives great importance to its music and they spent a whooping amount to present a successful Bollywood number for films. There are numerous evidence of it when a film could not perform well in box office but the songs made to hit to become a chartbuster. Investing in movies songs often catch more attention from the audience for its choreography, breathtaking location, groovy music and the presentation of the actors of course. A catchy tune remains to everyone’s heart for a longer time than usual, which is one of the reasons for remaking old tunes in today’s films.

#3 Social media challenges created by favourite celebrities:

The filmmaker also suggests the casts of the related films to create content over the social platform to engage the audience. Social platform challenge is one of the popular ways of encouraging the audience for their direct participation asked by their favourite celeb. These challenges may not make any sense but able to create a huge response from the fans and followers. The makeover challenge before releasing ‘Chappak’, Dubsmashes of the title song of ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ was part of the promotion of the film over social platform.

#4 Emojis and Twitter hashtags:

To create maximum buzz, filmmakers often focused on innovative promotional ideas. In the era of social media, the film marketers introduce customize emojis related to upcoming films. A creative hashtag is another way of popularizing movie content over social platform. Tubelight, Befikre, Judwaa 2, Love Aaj Kal are some of the films who followed this kind of promotion.

#5 Fake relationship:

To promote a film, moviemakers also follow this quote ‘fake it before makes it’. The real chemistry between the onscreen couple has always been a great interest of the audience. Considering the fact, filmmakers often creates relationship rumour of the lead actors of the film over social platform. People are always interested to see the real-life couple on screen.

#6 Selling feminism to catch the attention:

The sentimental spot is one of the popular grounds to catch the attention of the audience and feminism took one of the top spots for it. Filmmakers often used feminism to promote their films. Today Bollywood is making woman-oriented movies than earlier which is appreciable.  Amitabh Bachchan wrote a letter to her granddaughter before releasing the film Pink, that was also a marketing trick to promote the flick, for your information.

#7 Travel in train:

Shah Rukh Khan travelled in a train to promote his film ‘Raees’ as a promotional activity. Ranveer Kapoor and Deepika Padukone also travelled in a train from Delhi to Mumbai as a part of promoting their film ‘Tamasha’. This kind of promotion not only got direct attention from the commoners but also made several headlines before hitting on theatre.

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