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A Fan Compares Sonu Sood To Amitabh Bachchan; His Humble Reply Wins The Internet

A fan compares Sonu Sood to Amitabh Bachchan; his humble reply wins the internet

Sonu Sood is currently one of the most loved citizens in the country. The actor has been grabbing the headlines these days for his noble act of helping migrants go back home by arranging buses for them. Sonu is being showered with blessings and praises by the people of the nation for his noble act and now he is even being called the next Amitabh Bachchan.

A fan wrote to Sonu in Twitter saying, “जेकब सब ठीक हो जाएगा उसके बाद आपको हर sunday,shoot से छुट्टी लेनी पड़ेगी । लोग आपसे मिलने आएंगे जो लोग मुम्बई घूमने आएंगे वो पूछ्एँगे सोनू अऊड का घर कहाँ है। @SonuSood अगला अमिताभ । (When all is well and everything gets back to normal, you will have to take leaves on Sunday, from shoot. People will come to visit you, they will ask for your house. Sonu Sood is the next Amitabh)”

While the fans message was in itself very sweet, Sonu topped it with his heart-warming reply and won the internet as he said, “वो क्यों मेरे घर आएँगे दोस्त। मैं उन सब के घर जाऊँगा। बहुत सारे आलू के पराँठे, पान और चाय उधार है मेरे भाइयों पर। (Why should they come to my house? I will visit their houses. Aloo parantha, pan and tea is due on many of my friends).”

Sonu Sood’s work towards the relief of the citizens in this time of pandemic is absolutely commendable.

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