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‘Aarya’ Actor Manish Chaudhari Hands Over Eve-teasers To Police; Says, “It Is Our Civic Duty To Make Society Safe For Women”

‘Aarya’ actor Manish Chaudhari hands over eve-teasers to police; says, “It is our civic duty to make society safe for women”

Manish Chaudhari who was last seen in ‘Aarya’ was spotted at Bandra police station today as he caught someone and handed him over to the police. The pictures have gone viral on social media.

Sharing the details about the incident, Manish said, “Three guys were eve-teasing my partner while we were on our morning run. The situation got out of hand and the beat marshal on duty was able to Chase one of them down and catch him, while the other two got away. We made a complaint at the police station and as we were walking back home we spotted one of the other two guys and got him back to the police station. The police were extremely helpful and very pro-active. They wasted no time in taking action.”

He further said, “It is our civic duty to make our society safe for women. If my partner had not stepped forward bravely and chased the second culprit down, we would not have been able to catch him. The police are now looking for the third culprit.” The actor thanked the Bandra Police and beat Marshal who came to their assistance immediately.

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