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B-Town Celebs Who Own A Luxurious Private Jet!!

B-Town Celebs Who Own A Luxurious Private Jet!!

The Indian film industry is one of the richest industries in our country and celebrities have tended to become the modern world’s kings and queens. They expect to receive a special treatment wherever they go, then whether it is about flying in the first-class or getting hotel bookings or free meals or any other perk.
It doesn’t matter if you have a colossal bank account or not, but ‘living rich’ is the latest trend in Bollywood. Apart from this, owning a private jet has now become a status symbol for the success and fame of these celebrities. It is believed that flying private is one thing but flying like a king is another.

So, here is a list of celebrities who own private jets and are living their life “king-size” :

1. Shah Rukh Khan

Who doesn’t know the king of Bollywood…right!!?? So, being the king of Bollywood he lives the life ‘king size’ and even owns a king-size private jet. How cool..isn’t it??

2. Amitabh Bachchan

‘Big B’ of Bollywood also believes in living a big life and owns a private jet which he uses to travel to his workplaces and home and not only relaxes in his private jet while flying but even utilizes the time in getting himself updated on Twitter and some pithy news.

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