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Heart-Wrenching Painful Pictures Of Visakhapatnam Gas Tragedy

Heart-Wrenching Painful Pictures Of Visakhapatnam Gas Tragedy

11 people died due to leaking styrene gas from the chemical factory in Venkatapuram village of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh at around 3 am on Thursday. People in the village said that the impact of the gas was in the 3 to 4 km area around the plant. Whoever was there fell right there. The police and the relief team had trouble reaching the people. Police in Gopalapatnam Circle said they found about 50 people unconscious on the road.

After the leak, the gas had spread over a radius of 4 km. 5 small villages comes surrounding this area.
Children were the worst affected.
2 out of 11 people died in panic.
The locals helped. Sick people were taken to hospital.
The police found people fell on the roadside and under the bridge who were unconscious.
Some people fell into the drain due to unconsciousness.
Styrene gas is a neurotoxic gas. Foam came from many people’s mouth.
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