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Why The Mace or Gada of Hindu Lord Hanuman is Kept in Pakistan’s Parliament?

You will get surprised to know that our neighbouring country which has Muslims in a majority do something which you won’t believe. Yes, we are talking about Pakistan, a photo went viral on the social media which was taken from Pakistan’s parliament and what caught the attention was people saw the mace or Gada of Hindu Lord Hanuman in the photo. Yes, you read it right! But why Pakistan’s parliament kept it there?

Here’s the reason…

The Mace or Gada carried on the right hand of Hanuman is a symbol of self-sovereignty, the authority of governance and the power to rule. To be adorned with this ornament, one must have complete control over the five organs of action, the five organs of perception and the five vices of anger, greed, ego, lust and attachment, as per Hindu mythology.

In ancient India, the mace was kept by all the kings as a symbol of justice. After Independence and the partition of India, it was kept in Indian courts. As the constitution is the code of ethics it has to be followed by those who are appointed or anointed to govern the country. Keeping Gada in the courts means “judgmental and controlling power” which is required to bring the situation to normalcy. Not only in Pakistan but in many other countries also it is kept by the authorities in the courtroom.


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