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3 Facts About Cricket That Only 1 Out Of 50 Fans Would Know

3 Facts About Cricket That Only 1 Out Of 50 Fans Would Know

Cricket has millions of fans all over the world. While some of them are just casual fans who tune in to watch the special games like India vs Pakistan or the World Cup final. On the other hand, there are some die-hard fans who know every minute detail of the sport.

Be it the domestic records of any foreign player or the bizarre coincidences that happened in the sport, these die-hard fans know it all. However, here’s a list of the three cricket that even the most loyal followers of the sport would not know.

Adam Gilchrist never missed a game because of injury

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Former Australian wicket-keeper batsman, Adam Gilchrist, was one of the fittest players of his generation. As he was a wicket-keeper, he had to work harder than his teammates at the gym. However, not a single cricketer in the world achieved a feat that Gilchrist did. The left-handed player never missed a game for his country despite representing the nation at the global level for a long period. Although the fitness standards have improved a lot, no other players would be able to match his record in the near future.

Virat Kohli – the only Indian to score 100 runs in an ODI by running 

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Another player who is famous for his fitness is the current Indian skipper, Virat Kohli. During an ODI match against South Africa two years ago, Kohli achieved a unique record by scoring 100 runs in the innings just by running between the wickets. Of the 160 runs he aggregated, 48 came through fours while 12 came via sixes. The remaining 100 came through ones, twos, and threes.

Sunil Gavaskar got exchanged with a fisherman’s son during his birth

Had it not been for his uncle, Sunil Gavaskar would have been a fisherman right now. The legendary batsman made a shocking revelation in his autobiography that his parents took a fisherman’s son from the hospital while leaving Sunny G behind. His uncle recognized him and the couples exchanged their kids.

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