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When Urvashi Dholakia Confessed She Was Denied Rs. 3000 For A Show To Be Able To Pay The School Fee Of Her Kids

When Urvashi Dholakia Confessed She Was Denied Rs. 3000 For A Show To Be Able To Pay The School Fee Of Her Kids

Urvashi Dholakia has had her fair share of struggles both in the TV industry as well as her personal life. Much before the actress donned the iconic Komolika avatar in the original Kasautii Zindagii Kay, Urvashi was already a mother of two sons at the age of 17 and after her marriage fell apart she decided to raise her kids alone.

The actress in an old episode of Rajeev Khandelwal’s Juzz Baat had confessed that her husband, who she had married at the young age of 16, did not want the share parental responsibility and the actress decided to move back in with her parents but not depend on them to raise her sons. Talking about shouldering parenting responsibilities alone Urvashi had candidly confessed, “In my case the other person did not want any responsibility towards the kids and I had no qualms about taking the responsibility.”

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Urvashi who had been a child actor and decided to return to TV to earn an income and said,“That time my only worry was that I have to earn money, I have the responsibility of my kids, my father was retired and my mother was a housewife so how would the house run? When they [my parents] have taken my responsibility and that of my kids then even I owe them to start working.” Urvashi admitted that while struggles were not many in her returning to her TV career she did share an incident that was difficult.

“I still remember, I was given one pilot episode [ for a show] and at the time I needed some three thousand rupees for the school fee of my kids. Since it was a pilot they [the makers] told me ‘no, there will be just half the payment’. That time I cried a lot because I didn’t know what to do.  Where do I get the remaining fifteen hundred rupees from, how do I ask for it from my parents. I had certainly come back to them, but with the thought that I will be independent whatever needs to be done, I’ll do it myself.”

 “When I had asked them also [makers of the show] they also said a lot of things, I have taken a lot of statements and comments and I have let them sink in saying ok, this will happen.” When Rajeev interrupted her and asked about the kind of comments she was referring to, Urvashi responded with one question she was asked ‘Who asked you to have kids this early?’. She continued saying, “You are not paying my bills, my home bills, I have worked for you, If you can’t then pay then you could normally say no, there’s no need to get personal and till today I maintain that no one does that.”

The Kasautii actress has time and again been vocal about her struggles but this incident truly gave a glimpse at her vulnerability. Her sons Kshitij and Sagar are all grown up and often express pride in their mom’s strength and determination. The three of them as a family often share some fun videos they make together.

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