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Meet The Real Family Of CarryMinati

Meet The Real Family Of CarryMinati

Ajey Nagar popularly known as CarryMinati was born in Faridabad in the year 1999. He is a school dropout and wanted to pursue his YouTube career.

CarryMinati is from a well-knitted family and lives with his parents and elder brother Yash Nagar.

Yash Nagar is socially very active and is a guitarist and electronic producer.

Yash and Ajey are very close to their parents and their pictures from childhood are feel-good ones.

In the year 2007, CarryMinati was engrossed with Windows 2007 and loved gaming out there. He liked the features of it and made his first video and his YouTube channel too. His liking for gaming gave him his career in which he is flourishing right now.

A cute small family, Ajey Nagar has and he is extremely happy in his lifestyle.

Check their family pictures here.

Carry’s Mom
Carry’s Father

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